I’m excited to participate in Ada Lovelace Day as so many of us pledged to do .  It’s fantastic to celebrate all the great women in technology and women who have influenced our lives.  I’ve been influenced by a lot of great women in my life, from family members like my mom, my aunt, and my sister to friends like Megan Ruf, Kendra Hartman and Diane Curtis, and great colleagues like Ann Strosaker, Judy Huber, Mary Beth Kelley at IBM, Jane Prey, Diane Curtis, Cristina Telleria at Microsoft.  Yes, Diane counts twice  :) I decided today to write about a colleague here at Microsoft who I admire and whose passion for technology and for women in technology is truly inspiring, Jennifer Marsman .   How did you become interested in Technology

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Ada Lovelace Day – Women in Technology – Jennifer Marsman

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