Binding Categorical Data Overview Binding chart to the data source with categorical values is pretty simple and usually requires just one line of code:    Chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.DataBind(mySource, “ProductName”, “Sales”);  It is important to understand that after DataBind method creates series DataPoint objects, their XValue property will always be set to zero and category is saved in the AxisLabel property. Position of each data point along the category axis is determined using the index of the object in Series.Points collection.

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Aligning Multiple Series with Categorical Values

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  1. Singh:
    Here is the data I want to display on the chart. So far I'm displaying ReportDay(or Date)date on XAxis and ExecutionCount on YAxis. But if I pass dates like for eg 06/25/2010 to 07/05/2010, it gives weird results. I want to display both Month and Date on YAxis ReportYear ReportMonth ReportDay ExecutionCount ----------- ----------- ----------- -------------- 2010 6 25 1 2010 6 27 8032 2010 6 28 32 2010 6 29 59 2010 6 30 8107 2010 7 1 147 2010 7 2 22 2010 7 4 8032 I'm not sure how to do that. could you suggest? Thanks
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