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MTP Over Various Transports

by on August 28, 2009

MTP in Windows 7   Introduction The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) was originally created as an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol but today it also supports media transfer, Device Services, command & control, and many other scenarios. MTP supports three transports: USB, IP, and Bluetooth.   One of most common drivers that WPD applications will interact with is the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) driver

Porting IPhone applications to Windows Mobile

by on August 8, 2009

An interesting article has been recently published on Msdn that describes the real-world experiences of porting the IPhone application to the Windows Mobile platform . When reading the article I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the developers end up using my UI framework to reproduce look and feel of the IPhone application.

Trigger-Started Services

by on July 21, 2009

Trigger-Started Services are new with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.   Before, services were typically started at system boot time and ran until system shutdown.   Now, services can specify start and stop conditions (triggers). Common usage scenarios include: Device class arrival and removal Example: “Bthserv” starting on bluetooth device class arrival IP address arrival and removel Example: “Lmhosts” start on first and stop on last IP address availability Firewall port event Example: “Browser” open of NS and DGM ports Domain join and unjoin Example: “W32Time” start on join, stop on unjoin Custom ETW event Example:  “AppID” start when SRP enabled Trigger meta-data is stored in the service registry key.   You can use the “sc qtriggerinfo” command to view service triggers