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Maya 2010 to include Compositing and Camera Tracking Tools

by on August 4, 2009

Autodesk, as usual, announced its next version of Maya at Siggraph. The interesting part, however, is the range of tools planned to be shipped as part of it: Maya Composite high dynamic range compositing system Matchmoving camera tracking system Additional MentalRay for batch rendering nodes etc… Not to mention the entire Maya unlimited 2009 tool-set as part of its unified Nucleus dynamic simulation framework.

Microsoft Tag API Released

by on July 23, 2009

If you’ve been at one of my presentations, including the most recent one I did on Mobile Development at the Greater Buffalo IT/Dev Day , you’ll know I’m a big fan of Microsoft Tag – the colorful (and creative) 2d-barcode technology from Microsoft Research that you can read from just about any mobile device equipped with a camera and a small application available at .  My contact information, for instance, is encoded in the tag to the right. Today, Microsoft announced the release of a Web Services-based API to enable the creation of tags.  So now you don’t have to visit the Tag site to generate your tag, and you can do it programmatically from Visual Basic and C#. Visit the Tag Development Center to get started, and have fun! By the way, the tag above is a custom tag; the default one looks more like the one on the right, but you can really get creative and build your own distinctive designs as long as you follow a few rules .  Earlier this summer there was a contest for the best custom tag – you can check out the finalists in this Deep Zoom experience .  (The winner is in the upper right)

Захвaтчики оккупируют XNA

by on July 21, 2009

Опубликовано 14 июля 08 11:10:00 | Coding4Fun Брайан Пик ( Brian Peek (EN)), главный спец по Wiimote, встретился с участниками группы .NET-программистов для Facebook (запись встречи прилагается). Разговор шел о создании клона игры Space Invaders под названием Alien Attack в XNA Game Studio 3.0. Подробней об этом рассказывается в первой главе книги Coding4Fun (EN)

Niels fait quelques recherches sur les capacités 3D de WPF a l’heure actuelle…

by on July 17, 2009

« Ce soir, avant de commencer le week-end en mode « projet de fin d’étude », j’ai voulu regarder d’un peu plus près les capacités 3D de WPF a l’heure actuelle. Première constatation, le XAML fournis vraiment tout ce qu’il faut pour gérer la 3D facilement, viewport, camera, et de quoi tracer des formes primitives a partir d‘une liste de vertex, tout ce qu’il y a de plus classique donc mais étonnant pour quelque chose ayant pour vocation la description d’interface applicatif donc peu axé 3D par habitude….( read more )

Scott Guthrie talks shop with Developers – II

by on July 13, 2009

If you attended the first ScottGu talk organized by LIDNUG, then you surely don’t want to miss this.

Interesting Ways to Personalize a Book and Be Part of History

by on July 9, 2009

The Obama Time Capsule by Amy Sorokas / Recently, the cards aligned for Rick Smolan and he was able realize a vision to create a book about the journey of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States with personalization of the book for each and every purchaser. This type of customization is pretty incredible. It is a little different than the normal self-publishing process that is now available to anyone via great sites like Blurb .

Tweets: Netbooks

by on June 30, 2009

ntpro : Where was something kick-ass like this for the first 2500 #TechEd US registrations?