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Creating Dynamic Charts for Your Reports and Presentations Using Excel 2007

by on July 15, 2009

Many people find themselves having to present data – whether via presentation or a report, visually. This means tables and often charts. Reinhold Scheck’s book, Create Dynamic Charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Beyond , focuses specifically on working with data and charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Welcome to the Demo Showcase Suite!

by on July 14, 2009

Microsoft’s® Demo Showcase Suite is a collection of demonstration resources that includes the new Demo Showcase application for creating your own click-through demos as well as this community site to manage your demos, search for demos, distribute demos you’ve created and stitch different demos together to make your own. Sign in with Windows Live ID and take a look through this site and download the Demo Showcase application to get started creating your own demos that you can share through Silverlight or download as standalone executables Phil Newman  

Service Pack 2 prevents an on-change workflow from starting itself

by on July 13, 2009

Hello all, Stephen here again — I’m a writer for SharePoint Designer. I’d like to tell you about a fix that was included in Service Pack 2 for Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 . This fix affects workflows designed in SharePoint Designer 2007

About variation labels – SharePoint Server – Microsoft Office Online

by on June 18, 2009

Publishing sites can be tailored for different cultures, markets, and languages. Variation settings enable site owners to create and maintain a number of different versions, or "variations," of publishing sites or pages. Variation labels are the names given to each of the variants

Collapse all but this

by on June 12, 2009

On this morning’s little public editor conference call, someone remarked (and others agreed) that they wanted a way to do “collapse everything in this file but where the cursor is”. Seems like an interesting enough scenario, and it’s rather simple to write as an extension, so I went ahead and wrote one during the conference call: CollapseAllButThis.cs on One of the things it doesn’t really do is handle commands (partially due to a desire for brevity, and partially because the MEF extensibility isn’t there for that)

Greetings Fellow Humans

by on June 12, 2009

Here I am, a little late to the MSDN blog party. But then again, my timing might not be so bad after all

June Changes to the Azure Dev Portal

by on June 8, 2009

The month of June brought several changes come to the Azure Developer Portal . The most visible change is the decoupling of Windows Live Application IDs from Windows Azure Services. Before this release any time a new Azure Service (Compute or Storage) was created the dev portal provisioned two artifacts: Brand new Windows Live Application ID Azure Application (Storage or Compute) When we designed the Dev Portal (pre-PDC 2008) the Windows Live Application ID was to be our primary key throughout the system.

Creating custom 404 and landing pages (easy to remember URLs that are redirected) in SharePoint

by on June 8, 2009

This post is about how to create custom landing pages ( or ) that directs the visitor through and easy to remember URL to any page  in your deep site hierarchy. It also contains the approach how to create custom 404 "Page not found" pages. In this, I’ll only explain you the concepts, since I don’t really know if I get to code this within a reasonable timeframe

TC4D: Technical Communication in the 4th Dimension

by on June 7, 2009

TC4D is my video blog about technical communication in the fourth dimension. In episode 1, I talk about the fourth dimension and ways to use it

SQL Saturday in Pensacola features Live Studio Audience for ‘It’s All About The Tools – Episode 3”

by on June 3, 2009

If you have not registered for the SQL Saturday code camp itself yet FOR THIS WEEKEND JUNE 6, please do so at:   You will need a ticket and signed release form to be admitted into the session, for only this one session, “Russ’ Tool Shed Presents – It’s All About The Tools TV Show – Episode 3”… at the Pensacola SQL Saturday . You will find the ticket attached to the release form in the bag given out at check-in. The ticket and form will be in 160 of the bags

Podcast: Leading visual content teams

by on June 2, 2009

Where does Jonathan want to take content for the visual tools PowerPoint, Office Graphics, and Visio in the future? Listen to the episode Duration: 14:23 Size: 9.88 MB Harry and Jonathan talk about trends in Web video, what Office is doing, and why it’s important to teach soft skills and not just features.